Parent teacher conferences have been a longstanding tradition at Cape Elizabeth High School. For two days in October, students have the day off for parents to congregate with teachers and discuss their children's progress.

But are conferences really necessary at the senior level?

The vast majority of students interviewed believed they shouldn't be recommended for seniors. 

"Once you're at the point that you're filling out college applications and preparing for an independent life next year, parent teacher conferences shouldn't be necessary," said Cape Elizabeth junior Allie Moulton. 

There are many students in the school system who have never had a conference. Matthew Galvin, a senior, states, “I’ve taken not ever having conferences as a positive thing, purely making me more independent as a student.” Proving they're possibly not beneficial to all. 

An idea that has recently broken the mold is student-led conferences.

“It makes the kids take ownership of the conference, of their education, and of advocating for themselves,” stated CEHS health teacher Nicole Carrera.
The process would begin with the student outlining their progress throughout the year, and considering what they can do to improve. The upside to this would be a full circle of understanding from the school to home. 

However, there are a few downsides to student-led conferences. Susan Ray, an administrator, pointed out “time would become an issue. The extra person would cause time to stack up, calling for possibly more missed school.”

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