The Interfem Club at Cape Elizabeth High School is an up and coming club that focuses on raising awareness about the issues with sexism in today's society and women’s rights, and to promote feminism for everyone, not only women. 

One member of the Interfem Club, sophomore Kelsey Kennedy, states, “It’s a great club. I joined because I wanted to learn more about what feminism meant”.

She also mentions that the club has helped her to realize the inequalities between men and women. Kennedy has been a member since last year, and highly recommends that anyone interested in the topic of feminism join the club.

The club is led by three Cape Elizabeth High School students, Lily Mackenzie, Natalie Gale and Maggie Gleason, and was founded two years ago.

 Over the past two years, the club has accomplished much. The biggest accomplishment, however, is the club’s bi-annual SAAFE day, which stands for Sexual Assault Awareness Day for Everyone, an all-day event designed for upperclassmen to discuss issues around not only sexual assault, but consent, expectations and equal rights. 

“I think the SAAFE day had a high impact on our school and was effective”, says Lily Mackenzie, one of the club’s leaders. 

The club also hopes to create more conversation among students about their rights and expectations, and to continue their bi-annual event, SAAFE day.

The club’s advisor, Ms. Harrington has been involved with the club for the past two years. Lily Mackenzie states that “she has been a huge help in organizing events and making sure things run smoothly”, when asked about Harrington.

Looking forward, the club has seen a few male figures in attendance at their meetings, but hopes to gain more male support in the future. Co-founder, Lily Mackenzie, says that, “it is not a no-boys-allowed club. Feminism goes way beyond women’s rights and is in no way anti-man”. 

The club is currently discussing the role that gender equality has played in the 2016 presidential election, and how that has impacted perceptions of gender. If you are interested in learning more about this club, meetings are held every Thursday afternoon at 5pm in room 308.
Photograph of Lily Mackenzie by Taylor Young. 

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