Throughout schools across America, teenagers inevitably form their own lexicon, much to the ire of English teachers everywhere. This breakdown is for those who don't understand the lingo:

bae: (noun) Someone who is before anything else, usually romantic interest.

Dude I saw bae today, but she hasn't Snapchatted me all week; I hope we don't have beef*.

lit: (adjective) Often used in hip hop music, describing the positive energy of an event or social gathering.

I was at her party, and let me just say that it was lit.

boolin: (verb) Acting or dressed with swagger; generally succeeding.

Everybody in my prom group was boolin, we were a bunch of James Bond lookin’ fellas. OR, He booled out during the rap battle

trap: (noun or adjective) A place where people go to engage in mischievous behavior; something sketchy or suspect.

Yeah, man, let's go to the trap today; I want to rumble. OR, Yo, don't wear that, it's too trap.

murked: (verb) Dominating or defeating someone.

Dude I got murked by that Bio test, I definitely failed. - Jeb Boeschenstein, CEHS student.

"in a minute": (phrase) Describing a long period of time.

I haven't done any FST homework in a minute.

dank: (adjective) Something that is cool, hip, or swag.

The new iPhone is like HALF an inch bigger; it's dank.

skurt: (verb or sound effect) to move rapidly; a sound signifying energy or excitement.

If we want to be there on time, we need to skurt on over there. OR, I can't wait for school to be over, I want to go to the trap with the boys *skurtttttt*.

trill: (adjective) when something is a combination of true and real.

Orange is the New Black is too trill of a show, bro.

*beef: (noun or verb) aggression and agitation; animosity between two people.

Do you guys have beef? He’s trying to make a move on your girl. OR, Yeah he's so mean. We have beef.

on fleek: (phrase) when something is done to perfection or is aesthetically appealing.

My eyebrows are so on fleek today, I think it's because I brushed them. -Jacob Jordan, local teen.

throwing shade: (phrase) to disrespect someone verbally or with your actions.

Mr.Shroder would not stop throwing shade at me today after I didn't do my essay.

While slang has always been a big part of the English language, in this new era of emojis and iPhones, the linguistics of a high schooler is changing more quickly than ever, but hopefully this breakdown will help those who are uneducated in the vocabulary of the socially inclined teen.

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