As teenagers who are born and raised in Maine, we often hear that our peers can’t wait to get out of this state. Most believe that Maine has nothing left to offer them except for the endless forests and lobster supply. But this is where most young Mainers take our state for granted. 

Although Maine may not be extremely urbanized, it still has its famous city of Portland. The city which has been voted the 11th Most Hipster Place in America by Forbes magazine and teems with unique restaurants would easily fulfill any city- dwellers needs. Unlike other larger cities, Portland is small enough to feel safe in, yet big enough to have its own personality.

“It’s always an interesting experience being in Portland, night or day,” says Matthew Brannen, a South Portland resident.

In addition to the city life, Maine is one of the most geologically diverse states. With its rocky coast and multiple state parks, Maine is hard to beat when it comes to nature. There are over 40 state parks to explore and 44 historic sites(Wikipedia), none of which never fail to provide a captivating view. From watersports to skiing, hiking and biking, our state is the place to be in terms of outdoor activities.

“Maine is probably one of the best states to be in if you are into outdoorsy activities because there is so much you can do all year long,” explains Anna Sullivan, Cape Elizabeth resident.

So before we label our state as “boring” or “uneventful,” we should take into consideration the abundance of opportunities our state provides for us and take advantage of them.
“You never realize how good we have it here until you remove yourself and live somewhere different,” says Matthew Brannen.

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