CEHS Theatre department’s current show called “Improv ‘n’ Shorts” puts a new twist on your typical improvised performance. The variety show, which has already begun, has two more showings on Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m. But the show will consist of more than just improv. There will also be three short skits, hence the title “Improv ‘n’ Shorts.”
Improv club has met every Tuesday to prepare for this performance. But “Improv is improv” says Captain George Astor; therefore, whatever this group has in store will be a surprise for both the audience and actors on stage. This section of the performance is being organized by Captain and junior Ryan Wallace.
The improvised skits will include planned out games, as other performances have included in the past, but will still have on-the-spot acting. For example, a crowd favorite game is one where the audience writes a phrase on a piece of paper for the actors to incorporate into a specific scene.
When asked what else the show will include, George says, “We don’t know what we’re going to do by the nature of it, but we are fairly confident in our abilities.”
He also described the group of actors to be “relatively large” in comparison to last year with “some promising young ones” which will make for an interesting show.
In addition to the improvised pieces, there will be three short skits performed afterwards. “We worked on three short scripts which came from speech pieces and are now incorporated into the plays” says Lauren Grey, member of the speech team and actress in one of the skits.
Audiences may expect unique stories and colorful acting from these skits. This part of the production is being directed by Junior Cole Amorello and co-directed by Mr. Mullen with costumes done by Senior Anya Kohan.
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