States such as Massachusetts and New York have top hit artists playing in huge stadiums for their fans. But why is Maine left out from all this fun? 

We have venues like the Civic Center or Back Bay, but we have never had big time performers such as Drake or Miley Cyrus. Instead, performers like Panic! At the Disco, M83, and Passion Pit are our three most popular events.

When wandering the streets of Portland, residents expressed the different appeal that the music scene brings our small city.

Twenty nine year old resident of Portland, Megan Richards, says that the “low key style of our concerts gives the Old Port the vibe that it has today. I don’t think it would be as homey and comforting if we had bigger shows and venues.”

Portland has the image of being an artsy town. The State Theatre and Port City Music Hall adds to that, so adding something like TD Garden or Madison Square Garden could turn our city into the land of fangirls.

Jacob King, junior at Falmouth High School, says that the “major appeal of Portland is the underground vibe that it lets off. State Theatre is one of my favorite concert venues and I prefer it over any huge stadium.”

When it comes to our actual performers that we host in Portland, many Mainers prefer the low key style. Matt Moses, 26 year old resident of Portland, says that the “not so popular artists we get makes the concerts even more fun. I get to experience new music while being in my favorite city. It’s so much better than any Maroon 5 or Rihanna concert.”

On the contrary, Elizabeth Lacognata, Sophomore at Scarborough High School, says that most concerts she goes to are down in Boston. “No one that I enjoy comes to Portland, so I rather travel the small distance to Boston to see someone I actually listen to.”

Still, she admits that it provides “somewhat of an adventure,” and that she likes the aspect of “going to Boston to go to all the intense, overly hyped concerts.”

Portland in general has a very lively music scene, but the idea of our underground venues and undiscovered artists makes the town even more special.

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