Insight News

  • Should Parent Teacher Conferences be required for all ages?

    Insight In the Halls | Lauren Schonewolf
    By LAUREN SCHONEWOLF Parent teacher conferences have been a longstanding tradition at Cape Elizabeth...
  • Waiting for the ID's

    Insight In the Halls | Rachel Holmes
    Cape Elizabeth, ME-- This past August, Cape Elizabeth High School officials installed a third set of...
  • Confederacy of Dunces: A Guide to the 2016 Election

    Insight News | Riley Pillsbury
    The presidential race is heating up for both parties as we are now down to two democratic candidates...
  • Crimes Against Hu-Manatee

    Insight News | Hannah Glazier
    Desoto Parkway looks just like any other street in Satellite Beach, Florida. The houses are square-s...
  • Britt Bests Fiorina

    Insight Around Town | Hannah Glazier
    Over the course of three days last month, AP Government students from Cape Elizabeth High School att...
  • Maine, The Way Life Should Be

    Insight Around Town | Erin Sewall
    As teenagers who are born and raised in Maine, we often hear that our peers can’t wait to get out of...
  • The Music Scene: Maine Style

    Insight News | Lily Pillsbury
    States such as Massachusetts and New York have top hit artists playing in huge stadiums for their fa...
  • Teenage Depression: Why Us?

    Insight News | Henry Shroder
    Depression in youth has been a rising issue in the United States for the past two decades. High Scho...
  • Seniors, Young and Old

    Insight Around Town | george.astor
    Before graduating, twelfth grade students of Cape Elizabeth High School must participate in the Seni...
  • What's a Shedd Without a Carpenter?

    Insight In the Halls | Roman Medina
    Movies and television shows often portray school principals and vice principals as harsh and intimid...
  • The Social Network

    Insight News | Lily Pillsbury
    “We used to actually interact with one another, but now all we do as look at our phones,” stated Aba...

Other Interests

  • Band and Chorus Debut at Concert Tomorrow Night

    Insight Entertainment | Maurice Convey
    Cape Elizabeth ME- On Wednesday December 21, at 7:30 PM the CEHS band and chorus will be performing...
  • Say Nope to Dope

    Insight Living and Health | Hannah Glazier
    Addiction can begin with a doctor's visit. Say a patient has a bad cough or a heart attack or pain f...
  • Netflix: A New Era of Entertainment

    Insight Entertainment | Riley Pillsbury
    With a variety of offerings, such as television shows, movies, documentaries, and original series, t...
  • But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

    Insight Essays | Hannah Glazier
    With apps like Instagram and Snapchat, teenagers post photos on a regular basis. These pictures vary...
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